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Calypso Cavallo's skincare line was born from the will to offer delicate and high-quality products to all women.

Our products are gentle because it is what troubled skins need. They are efficient because extraordinary active ingredients do make a difference.
Our products are rose-scented as this flower is the eternal symbol of feminity. This scent is both elegant and relaxing.

They are vegan and cruelty-free because our beauty should not be at the expense of animals' lives and well-being.
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Founder & CEO
I have been suffering from a stress-induced skin condition (eczema) since my early teen years. So I was always looking for high-quality beauty products that were both moisturizing and and relaxing.

I concluded that I would never find the perfect skincare product unless I would develop it myself with the best ingredients.

I formulated my skincare line using Centifolia, a unique rose from the French village of Grasse, where my family is from.
  • Vegan and cruelty-Free
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  • TOP Quality
    Our products are formulated using high-quality ingredients to offer the best results.
  • Gentle
    Our products are formulated to be gentle to the skin and hypoallergenic.
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